Skills and Experience

Information Security

Since 2016 I’m mostly focused on InfoSec, starting with WordPress and then constantly learning new facets of the subject. My transition to this field happened because of several customers and friends with compromised websites; I learned hands-on concepts like mitigation, remediation, and incident response.

I currently work as a contractor with the Wordfence Care and Response Team performing digital forensic analysis and remediation tasks, while learning penetration testing techniques mostly focused on web application risk assessment.



I can write custom WordPress plugins and themes from scratch, or modify and maintain private forks to fit any special need. My main focus is on accessibility and usability, and I’m specialized in extremely unique setups. Examples from past custom development includes:

  • Contest plugin bundle: from user registration and management, to a custom publishing setup to deal with various announcements, up to the final exports and archiving. Several bundled plugins to take care of all stages of unique custom requirements including any legal requirement.
  • Distributed Kiosk setup: geo-localized deployment of specialized content to several remote kiosk systems, managed via a central WordPress interface. In partnership with a few other developers, we designed an integrated hardware and software solution from scratch.
  • Web Radio management software: custom podcast and production setup, playlist output and integration with streaming clients.
  • Private streaming radio: single sign-on integration between WordPress and Icecast.


System Administration

Among other things, I’m mostly used to Linux and BSD systems¬†like FreeBSD, OPNsense, Slackware, Devuan (as well as Debian and derivatives). The server-side software I’m more comfortable with includes NGINX, Apache, MySQL/Percona/MariaDB, Redis, Varnish. I work with both standalone servers and cloud providers, and I can write management scripts with Ansible and Terraform. I can also write code in several languages like PHP, JavaScript, Python, Bash/ZSH. Some of my most common server setup includes:

  • LAMP/LEMP server
  • Backup systems
  • Network gateways
  • VPN networks


Streaming Radio

I worked with Icecast streaming servers as well as the more recent formats like SRT and HLS, writing custom scripts with Liquidsoap and custom management tools with Python and PHP.