My name is Paolo, independent web developer and system administrator since 1997. In 2001 I started Pixline, since then I had a few different adventures in my career:

  • Custom web development in the early days, HTML with plain PHP and JavaScript.
  • WordPress development, with a few opensource plugins released or maintained between 2006 and 2015.
  • Linux administration starting with Slackware, now working mostly with Devuan (a Systemd-free Debian fork) and FreeBSD.
  • InfoSec consulting, currently working as a Security Analyst contractor with Wordfence.
  • Streaming audio development since RealAudio, now focused on solutions like OBS, Icecast, and Liquidsoap.
  • Training and education on most of all these subjects.

I usually work with opensource technologies though I know my way to Mac OSX, Windows, and several proprietary software as well.

Learn more about my skills and experience, or feel free to contact me with your questions!